LED displays are everywhere, and it’s time that they made a major technological leap forward. Image Source: Flickr User Bosc D’Anjou Researchers may have new ways to improve LED screens by creating a new bilayer material out of atomically thin layers of flexible, stretchable and compressible materials. This innovation promises […]

Many customers, especially millennials, are demanding packaged snack products with simpler ingredient lists. Image Credit: Flickr user Marco Verch More than ever, customers are realizing that certain food labels, such as “low calorie,” “nonfat,” “vitamin-fortified” and even “organic” are not necessarily synonymous with “healthy.” This is especially true for millennials, […]

Combination therapeutics are increasingly common, but efficient research and manufacturing operations for these products requires open channels of communication. Modern information sharing platforms can provide the solution. Image Credit: Flickr use List_84 More than ever, scientists are embracing the development of combination therapeutics. Not only is this more convenient for […]

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