New Research in the Petrochemical Industry Would Benefit from the Support of an ELN

Petrochemical plant
The petrochemical industry is involved in competitive research that should be supported with an ELN.
Image source: Paul McIlroy via Wikimedia Commons

The term petrochemicals is truly a broad one, encompassing a vast array of chemicals. From plastics to pesticides and even food additives and detergents, petrochemicals touch our lives every day. As the name implies, these chemicals are derivatives of petroleum, with standard processes being performed to generate usable products from crude hydrocarbon extracts. Though firms in the petrochemical industry are efficient at generating downstream petrochemicals, the need to increase efficiency and lower operating costs are still primary goals of research departments.

As scientists investigate new products and processes to expedite their workflows, there are a number of areas in the laboratory that could benefit from an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). Take a look at how current research trends can be supported with the use of an ELN, like the Accelrys Notebook:

Promote Collaboration. Petrochemical research is an innovative field with investigation into new techniques and processes to improve efficiencies and develop new products. Collaboration can expedite research in this field by drawing on the expertise and creativity of many minds. An ELN is a great tool to promote collaboration in petrochemical research. Using a simple web interface, collaborators at multiple sites can conveniently access experiments, data and results. By providing a central location for reporting research activities, you can keep everyone involved in every step of the project.

Chemistry studies. Chemical engineers in the petrochemical industry are developing new nanocatalysts in an effort to reduce the costs associated with producing petrochemical products. Designing and producing these new catalysts is time intensive and requires significant optimization toe generate products with adequate stability and activity. The synthetic chemistry features of Accelrys Notebook can help streamline research of nanocatalysts. The ELN can integrate easily with your firm’s current cheminformatics platform, supporting easy implementation. The ability to record chemical structures and reactions allows for concise record keeping that is easily searchable.

IP protection. The innovative research ongoing within petrochemical firms generates exciting new products and processes that could be of great value to the petrochemical industry as a whole. Firms should protect their intellectual property (IP) in order to avoid patent infringement. Other than applying for patents in a timely manner, the best way to protect your IP is to keep comprehensive records of your product and process development – from the time the idea is generated to when it’s brought to market. An ELN can help your firm keep thorough records that can stand up in defense of your IP in patent court. In addition to generating complete digital records, the Accelrys Notebook also provides for electronic witnessing with e-signatures to verify a user’s role in product and process development.

Intellectual property
An ELN can help your firm protect your intellectual property.
Image source: Colleen Simon for via Flickr

An ELN is a great resource for research labs in the petrochemical industry desiring to increase collaboration, improve chemistry processes and protect intellectual property. The Accelrys Notebook is a simple solution for streamlining research in this fast-paced field. Our ELN can be implemented quickly and seamlessly into your current operations so that your lab can take advantage of its features within a short amount of time. Take a look at our website to learn more about how the Accelrys Notebook can benefit your lab.

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