Don’t Miss Out on Some Training!


The following is a guest post by Sean McGee, Solution Marketing Manager, BIOVIA.

The first day of training for Science in the Age of Experience 2016 has officially begun! Over the next two days, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA has scheduled twelve hours of hands-on training with their product experts. With eighteen different sessions, attendees can master any of the solutions BIOVIA has to offer. This is a rare opportunity to learn the latest tips, tricks and techniques from the people who know it best. Here are a couple of the sessions you should check out this year:

Building Pipeline Pilot Protocols – Part 1 and Part 2
Pipeline Pilot enables scientists, researchers, engineers and analysts with little or no software development experience to create scientific protocols. Teams can develop methodologies for more advanced data analysis and connect disparate sources of data into a unified environment. Whether you are a brand new protocol developer or just need a refresher, this two part course will provide you with the skills you need to effectively utilize Pipeline Pilot for improved R&D. Drop by for an in-depth exploration of the key functionalities of Pipeline Pilot and learn how to:

  • Build protocols to read data from file and write data to files
  • Manipulate and filter data
  • Create subprotocols.

Advanced Pipeline Pilot – Part 1 and Part 2
For the experienced Pipeline Pilot user, this two part series covers the more sophisticated methods within Pipeline Pilot to maximize the functionality teams can get out of Pipeline Pilot. Take a deeper dive into advanced reporting and imaging capabilities and learn to:

  • Build advanced reporting
  • Use JavaScript to enhance interactivity
  • Incorporate imaging into the protocols and reports
  • Use advanced reporting components to increase functionality.

ScienceCloud for Developers
ScienceCloud is a collaboration environment that allows a primary user to share data with multiple collaborators without the risk of opening up their on-premises firewall. Developers and experienced Pipeline Pilot users can explore the capabilities within ScienceCloud to automatically integrate the various streams of data generated by an organization. Graduates of this course will be able to:

  • Define automated data upload tasks
  • Set up synchronization services between on-premises and cloud data stores
  • Create new analysis and visualization services and deploy to end users
  • Build protocols for validation and standardization on business rules for chemistry and biology data

Essential Elements of a Quality Management System
Today’s R&D environment is facing tightening regulations on product quality and data management and reporting. However, as organizations grow and partner with third parties, maintaining high levels of quality is becoming increasingly difficult. Join us for a course in identifying what factors are critical for an effective Quality Management System and how implementing one can bolster quality initiatives within an organization. Topics include:

  • The essential characteristics needed for compliance and efficiency
  • QMS product previews and solutions
  • Engage directly with our QMS experts

Check out the Training Page on the Science in the Age of Experience website to learn more and check for remaining availability.