Scientific Value Chains Link You to a More Efficient Laboratory Process

Lab Organization


Taking a soda break usually doesn’t take much forethought. It takes a simple recognition of your thirst, the identification of your favorite brand of drink and the short trip to a store to buy your favorite bottle. But while all of these steps only take seconds, your drink in fact took much longer to plan and produce!

Before you could drink that soda, the raw materials had to undergo an assembly line of processes in its value chain. Every step involved in producing soda adds value – starting with water, mixing in proprietary flavor blends, and adding a marketing boost – the value chain gradually transforms the initial parts into recognizable final products. Field researchers and R&D teams develop the best product for a niche, and marketing and management teams ensure that these products reach the right market in the most efficient way. It truly takes a well-orchestrated interdisciplinary team to turn ideas into well-loved products!


In the same way, your work in the lab is also a link in a greater value chain. Can you identify what this chain looks like, and what the final products are? Depending on your industry, your final products may be new chemicals or pharmaceuticals, new developments in food and drink or even research publications. If you focus on this final product and zoom out slightly, you’ll more easily see the diverse teams of employees, sets of equipment and locations involved in producing the desired results.

As soon as you’re aware of the value chain that you work in, it becomes much more apparent how important communication is within a team. In addition, you’ll gain perspective that will help you recognize inefficiencies, come up with creative alternatives and streamline the entire process.

Communication is critical, but without the right tools, turning big ideas into action or marketable products can seem like a daunting task. Sharing the right information between collaborators separated by discipline or geography may feel like a chore. And above all, organizing every part of the process, from brainstorming sessions to the results of data analysis, is a challenge when different platforms are used.

Fortunately there are digital tools to help you hone in on your final goals, and streamline your entire research process and value chain for maximum efficiency! When you know that your physical, financial and human resources are being put to their best use, you have more freedom to really look at the bigger picture.

No matter what industry you work in, it’s important for lab managers to consider your daily operations to see if they align with your bigger goals. Using a digital platform to manage your communications, data collection and sharing and resource management can help you in the process.

Make sure your value chain is streamlined and organized so you and your research can shine. And be sure to visit our website today to find the right digital tools to upgrade your value chain today!

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