National Safety Month and ChemSW Software for Lab Safety

Lab Safety

If you had an extra $1 million to spend in the lab, what would you do? Would you buy more equipment? More research hours? I can imagine a state-of-the-art lab with perfectly calibrated tools, people to keep everything in order and bring me supplies, the latest computers and software, and robots to rub my feet at the end of the day. It is a wish list, after all. There are many external forces that tell you how to spend your money, but there is one thing that is priceless in the lab, and that is safety. June is national safety month, so here at the ChemSW blog, we are taking a close look at the many different faces of lab safety.


National Safety Month Around The Web

For ideas about how to highlight safety in your facility, there are several resources online. The National Safety Council (NSC) is honoring the theme by providing free posters and information to post in the workplace. On their site, they are focusing on employee wellness as a whole. We know that safe HazMat processes contribute to employee wellness, but so do avoiding falls, staying healthy, and being prepared for emergencies. To see the NSC video on National Safety Month, check out the video below.


The folks over at OSHA are joining the conversation with a focus on raising awareness of OSHA’s rulemaking and enforcement initiatives. They want more participation in forums, roundtables, and stakeholder meetings on safety issues. If the people who actually work in the field share their voices, then maybe we can find innovative solutions in the workplace.

This month, OSHA is also encouraging worker participation in workplace safety and health. We’ll keep an eye out for two new documents: a sample policy that encourages workers engagement in hazard identification, and a best practices paper for training and engaging workers on hazard control. It’s great to get these new resources that reflect what safety engineers are toiling on for the benefit of workers worldwide!


What Can ChemSW Do for Lab Safety?

The safest lab has control over inventory storage, adequate safety training on MSDS sheets, and a culture of safety in the organization. Once the system is up and running, we need a way to determine if it is working. This is where ChemSW’s Safety Inspection Live™ can help.


Safety Inspection Live™ is a program that structures a safety audit for you. The program aligns with the CISPro™ inventory tracking system, which uses bar codes. When the system is applied to all departments, then an accurate, real-time inventory list is only a click away.

Safety Inspection Live™ uses your existing inspection checklists. Using smart phones and tablets, this is a quick and easy solution for safety monitoring. Inspection findings are saved in real-time and discrepancies are noted in the system for correction. Performing frequent self-audits is a best practice to ensure safety on-site and also prepare for external audits. This software can free up time by automating the inspection. With the resources saved, maybe you can check a few new items off your own lab wish-list.

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