ChemSW Showcasing CISPro™ at Safety 2013 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

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Conferences are a timeless and wonderful meeting of the minds. With a concentration of like-minded people, ideas flow and the industry improves. There are conferences for art, technology, and science. There are conferences like TEDtalks where the speakers share an incredible idea with the world. Then there are industrial conferences where industry leaders can mingle, network and share best practices. The ChemSW team is traveling to Las Vegas to attend the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) conference and expo, named Safety 2013. We are going to share our CISPro™ chemical inventory management software. This is perfect timing with National Safety Month and our series on the blog about the National Safety Council’s workplace suggestions.

EH&S professionals face very high expectations. This position reaches into environmental management, product safety, ergonomics, industrial hygiene and overall organizational management. This conference promises to cover these topics and more in three days of education and networking. There will be a professional development element which will allow attendees to evaluate their current practices, learn a few new tricks and regain their passion for the profession! Now I’m jealous I won’t get to go!

Plus, who doesn’t want a quick visit to Las Vegas? The city of lights is a hub of intellectual and industrial conferences, as well as the sights, sounds and delicious food of such a major city. This year’s Safety 2013 attendees will have a great backdrop for the conference!



ChemSW Sharing Best In Breed Inventory Software

The ChemSW team is showing off the inventory management program CISPro™, which is a tool to help organizations track and manage chemicals from receipt through disposal, write reports, and provide quick access to hazard information in an emergency. This is the industry best-of-breed, best practices chemical inventory solution.


What Else Will You Find at Safety 2013 in Las Vegas?

One of the highlights of the conference is the Executive Summit on June 27, 2013. CEOs from the industry will give straight talk about best practices in safety. See the video below for the top clips from last year’s Executive Summit 2012.


Attendees can look forward to seeing great products at the expo. An exciting fundamentals series will cover regulatory compliance, hazard identification and control, workplace health, basic safety management, risk management, and fire protection. This sounds like a great chance to go over the core information of the vital EH&S professional field!

This event is all about networking. There will be an opening reception where you can rub elbows with industry leaders. Roundtables will focus on key issues in safety. And on a lighter note, visitors can get to know each other over a foundation golf outing.


Safety 2013 is adding a virtual layer to the conference.  It might also be worth checking out SafetyNet, the online network hosted by ASSE. Keeping track of it all will be made easier with the Safety 2013 mobile app available in your App Store. If you’re heading to Las Vegas next week, have a great time and please come check out ChemSW at Safety 2013!


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