Do You Have Everything in Order for the TRI Reporting Deadline Coming Up?

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It’s summertime and the sun is shining! The great outdoors are calling, barbecues are begging to be fired up, fireworks are on the horizon, and the days are long. Hopefully, you’re prepared for the Toxic Release Inventory Reports with a deadline fast approaching on July 1st, so you won’t be stuck at your desk when all the other kids go out to play!

Designated research facilities have a responsibility to report on over 600 “toxic chemicals” if they manufacture, import or process any of those materials. This comes from a 1987 law called the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), and most of the chemicals have been on the list since the law was enacted. The EPA is the governing authority and they have the right to add chemicals to the list as needed.



In order to report on the up and up, companies need to have tight inventory control. The all important inventory list must be correct and up to date. Both of these qualities are difficult to attain with a paper-based spreadsheet process. So ChemSW recommends using the industry best practices solution, which leverages bar code technology and user friendly software. ChemSW offers just such a product, CISPro™, which enables turnkey regulatory reporting and real-time inventory lists to make the safety officer’s tough job just a little bit easier.

Another use of the TRI Report can be a little public reputation building. This report is a chance to show off all the awesome steps the facility has taken to prevent pollution. Maybe this will take a little more time for the safety professional drafting the report, but consider that highlighting the company’s pollution prevention initiatives is a chance to put the best foot forward with the community.

This is an additional layer of transparency that can go a long way in communicating a positive message to the community and this applies to businesses of any size. For businesses reporting to a larger base, TRI reports are an excellent opportunity to show off some of your accomplishments to HQ. So if there is a compelling story in any of your facility’s processes relating to source reduction, re-use, energy extraction or treatment, then it might be worth taking the time to share. The EPA is encouraging transparent reporting of all the steps businesses are taking to prevent toxic chemicals from finding their way into the environment.



There is also a really amazing web tool from the EPA called TRI.NET where anyone can search for TRI reporting by location and more. This is a way for safety professionals to find out what solutions are already out there, perhaps even for a problem that you may have. One of the goals of this program is to break down barriers to access for excellent pollution solutions.

ChemSW has several chemical inventory software solutions that address many common reporting issues. Please visit our site or give us a call for more information about how to make your lab safer and reporting easier today!

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