Safety Inspection Tip 3 – Spend Less Time Planning Inspections



Everyone knows what exhaustion feels like. Working so hard that you collapse into bed at the end of the day. If you feel like you were productive and accomplished, then exhaustion every once in a while is okay. But if we start feeling down every day, as well as emotionally drained, then it might be a case of burnout.

Don’t let burnout happen to you. It’s a problem that affects people in every industry, whether you’re working with colleagues, computers or chemicals. Burnout, along with its pal stress, can have serious health consequences if it’s allowed to continue unabated. There are many causes of burnout, and luckily, there are also many steps we can take to stop it in its path.

To fight back against the emotional, physical and mental exhaustion of burnout, the most important step is taking care of ourselves with enough sleep, exercise and taking time for fun activities. At work, we can ask around for help creating a new schedule and finding new resources for tackling the workload. Safety professionals have a huge responsibility coupled with an enormous to do list, and it may seem like every time you turn around, the to do list has tripled.


If the weight of coordinating, scheduling, organizing and keeping track of safety inspections is getting you down, then you’ll benefit from our Five Keys to Successful Safety Inspections. Today’s tip is about how to reduce time spent planning inspections. In our best practices webinar, we hear tips and tricks for safety inspections from ChemSW’s own Nichole Lindgren, technical specialist and inventory consultant.

We made it to the 21st century, where we don’t have flying cars, as some people may have expected, but we do have life changing technology. Behold cloud computing! With the cloud, you can change the temperature of your home aquarium from halfway around the world. Imagine if this technology found its way into safety engineering. Good news, it has!

In the lab, cloud computing means having safety inspection data everywhere all the time, which is a powerful tool in facility safety. With a best practices system, there will be no more late nights spent comparing calendars, planning inspections and coordinating different schedules. The mighty computer can do all that number crunching for you. An electronic solution can track the schedule and even shoot an email over to the inspectors, so that you don’t have to.

If automated software had feelings, it would love coordinating safety inspections for you. It would get a thrill from updating you and the inspectors when it was time to take a facility tour. The software would feel happy when the inspector entered all of the findings into a mobile device the first and only time. Well, we know that EH&S folks do have feelings. So we want to take some of the burden of scheduling safety inspections off their shoulders with software solutions to make life easier.

Safety Inspection Live™ is a stress-busting, efficiency-boosting software solution that is tailored for safety inspections. It covers scheduling inspections, collecting the data in a mobile app, automating notifications of deficiencies and tracking corrective actions. It also keeps one database, which you can mine to highlight trends in past inspections. Nothing slips through the cracks since communications and actions are tracked digitally.


With a look at the big picture, you can make sure the same issues aren’t giving you a headache month after month. With everything in the cloud, more people can access the information from more places. This spells safety for everyone.

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