Safety Inspection Tip 4 – Simplify Inspection Communications


In the world with Internet, there are bits of code floating around our head, zipping from our computers to routers to servers and back. There is a streaming digital web of information criss-crossing invisibly in front of us all day long. These strings of code flash through air and wires – welcome to the cloud.

The cloud is a place where entire organizations can exist, communiqués are sent, and business happens. Cloud based information and web security is a topic to stay fresh on. Current EH&S professionals need to know what tools are at the ready and those of you looking for new jobs also need to know all about the cloud and security.

One of the core principals of safety is prevention. Catching little problems before they become big booms is a leading purpose of chemical safety inspections. Using secure cloud software can simplify the process of communicating inspection results.  This is the fifth post of a series on the Five Keys to Successful Safety Inspections! In our best practices webinar, we hear tips and tricks for safety inspections from ChemSW’s own Nichole Lindgren, technical specialist and inventory consultant.


If there were a magic wand that you could wave and send safety inspection reports within minutes of finding a deficiency, would you use it? This would be a fantastic opportunity to increase visibility, which translates into lower liability. Maybe this magic wand could assign corrective actions, and wouldn’t it be great if it could also let you know when they were done? Perhaps you’d be interested to know when a deficiency has been pending for 30 days. Maybe all department heads would like an email about the deficiencies in their department and what corrective actions have been taken. This is where cloud based software comes in.

Chemical industry best practices say that cloud based software is the key to excellent safety inspections. With one database, the whole team can access real-time safety data. The outdated paper spreadsheet system means the data is never in real time nor is it accessible to the folks off site. With cloud software, the supervisor can run the whole entire safety inspection kit and caboodle from one, central, air-conditioned location, zipping off notices to each team member with an inbox.


Once we’re all in the cloud, manually compiling reports will be a tall tale of the past. Grandparents will tell stories of sitting at a desk surrounded by a sea of paper and writing monthly reports with data pulled from other people’s spreadsheets. The legend has a surprise twist when the supervisor finds incomplete data from a past inspection, oh the horror!

There is a happy ending, which is that safety inspection software in the cloud is already here. ChemSW has an award-winning software solution that is used in labs around the globe. Safety Inspection Live™ gives the EH&S field a way to simplify the process of recording safety inspection findings and communicating deficiencies. This means less liability and a safer workplace where no safety problem falls through the cracks. Please visit our site or give us a call today to find out more about improving safety inspections.

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