ChemSW Travels the Globe to Bring You Chemical Inventory Best Practices Webinars



After a weekend of viewing blockbuster hits in movie theaters, the workweek may look less Hollywood by comparison. However, with TV and movies available on practically any device, it’s possible to stay linked in to the film scene. ChemSW has another option for your viewing pleasure – the helpful work-related webinar. Our series of best practices chemical management videos can help EHS managers and lab professionals with their most important responsibilities – facility safety and regulatory compliance.

One of the latest videos to join the ChemSW on-demand video collection is the ChemSW-sponsored AIHA webinar “What Every EH&S Manager Needs to Know About… Fire Code Compliance.” This is a must-see for all personnel involved in keeping the facility in line with fire code regulations. In this complex world we live in, it’s important to keep tight control on hazardous materials in order to minimize risks at every level of the organization.

Citing years of experience and research, this ChemSW webinar keeps us up to date on recent changes to fire and building code regulations. These rules are built around the principles of accident prevention and preparedness. As the first line of defense, the building materials and chemical handling procedures create an inhospitable environment for a fire. If we’re lucky, we will never experience a lab fire. In the case that a blaze does wrap it’s orange flames around the workspace, then control areas and hazardous material reporting will help fire fighters to be effective and safe as they control the burn.



While emergency responders have a critical role to play in industry safety, it is best to prevent accidents in the first place. In the ChemSW webinar series, we also hear industry experts exploring the common weak points in reporting systems and how to overcome challenges in the pursuit of excellent chemical safety.

The ChemSW chemical industry movie blitz doesn’t stop here. On the ChemSW YouTube channel, you can view more chemical inventory best practices webinars. The regulations surrounding chemical inventory are changing frequently to reflect new safety science, and it is a challenge to stay current with each update. Read on for a sneak peek at two more videos from ChemSW.

Top 5 Chemical Management Best Practices EHS Managers Should Implement

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How to Find and Fix the Top 8 Chemical Management Errors

In order to create an efficient work environment, we need the right chemicals in the right place at the right time. Don’t let these common errors get in the way of safety and productivity!


We hope you enjoyed the show! In addition to our best practices webinars, ChemSW offers several chemical inventory solutions that promote accident prevention and preparedness. Our best-in-breed chemical inventory management software, CISPro™, tracks inventory in real time and enables turnkey regulatory reporting. Please visit our website to find out more about our safety products and services.

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