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If you’ve ever wondered whether a chemical inventory system can dream, the answer is they can and they do. Chemical inventory systems have hopes just like you and me, and deep down, they want find a connection. Can you imagine the joy that spreads across an inventory system upon finding the personal ad – “EHS professional seeking easy to use chemical inventory software.” It’s love at first sight when safety professionals unite with an easy to use, best practices chemical inventory system.

As many of us know from personal experience, if an inventory system is difficult to use, time consuming, or limiting in some inconvenient way, it will not get used. One problem stems from software interfaces that are not intuitive, so the learning curve is just too steep. Another example is a system that is only accessible on certain machines in the facility. And we know that if a person has to go to a separate, small, dark office to input inventory data, you can bet that it probably won’t gain widespread adoption.


But a best practices chemical inventory system, well, that is a different story. Thankfully, we live in a world where checking inventory stock can be as easy as opening a browser window or swiping through apps on your smart phone. If you suddenly need acetone and your lab cupboards are empty and bare, it’s time for a decision. Should you make a rush order and wait until it arrives? Or, should you check on your lab’s smart tablet and see if any of your friendly neighboring labs have acetone to spare? Bringing people and resources together makes the lab a more beautiful place.

An easy to use chemical inventory system means a couple of things. We are looking for a system that has an intuitive interface and something that dovetails with standard operating procedures. This system should be easy for new users to learn and adopt in their departments. EHS professionals will want access to facility data, and lab managers will need to see what stock they have at hand. Everyone needs access to safety data sheets (SDS), so where’s the best place to store them? A best practices solution is keeping SDS in the cloud so that they are accessible to any user at any time in any place. A button for generating turnkey regulatory reports would be nice too. With an easy to use system, user buy-in is maximized and you get a complete picture of the inventory on site.


Finding an easy to use system is the second pillar of a best practices chemical inventory solution. In our ChemSW webinar, “5 Best Practices Every EHS Professional Should Know,” our senior inventory consultant, Anne Sefried, outlines the five pillars of a best practices inventory system for chemical facilities. Click here to watch the entire webinar.

At ChemSW, our best-in-breed inventory system, CISPro™, is easy to learn and use, and provides outstanding support for safety and staying in compliance. Our friendly consultants are always happy to chat inventory, so please visit our website or give us a call today!

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