How F&B Labs Can Address Novel Flavor Innovation Using Chemical Management Software

chemical management software
New flavors abound and to capitalize on this trend, food and beverage companies should invest in high-end chemical management systems.
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Walking down the aisle of the local supermarket, it’s easy to see consumers’ desire for new and unique flavors: there are candies flavored to mimic raspberry pomegranate or strawberry starfruit, and chips made to taste like Southern Biscuits and Gravy or a Greektown Gyro.1 As Kojo Nnamdi writes on his show website, “Consumers crave flavor, variety and novelty in their food, and manufacturers are happy to comply.”2 Food and beverage companies that are hoping to capitalize on consumers’ needs are increasingly turning to advanced chemists to create the bold and exotic flavor combinations consumers expect in this fast-paced market. One such company, Synergy Flavors, has over 1,000 banana flavors alone, from “green banana” to “bananas foster.”3 But how can existing companies use the flavors they’ve already created to devise and create one thousand more?

The Beauty of Chemical Management: Knowing What’s There and What Could Be There

Chemical management is often invoked when scientists think of inventory management or the storing of chemicals, and, of course, such software is essential for these purposes. When large companies have multiple laboratories, often located worldwide, it is essential that there is a method for accurately tracking and reporting chemicals and supplies, and ensuring that these chemicals meet the right safety and regulatory requirements. This can be done via careful barcode labeling, remote inventory control and Safety Data Sheet management, which together ensure that a company makes the best use of its time and money regarding safe chemical practices.

But in the context of discovering new flavors, chemical management software can serve as a chemical library that can support the discovery of novel flavors. Chemical management software for food and beverage companies are essentially a food and beverage company’s “chemical space.” Having remote access to this space enables food and beverage companies to readily innovate different ways in which chemicals can be combined in order to produce novel flavors. If also utilizing an ELN on flavor development projects, such software can help them manage information regarding how the chemical structure of a flavor enhancer can be altered in order to improve or change its taste. Especially given that molecular interactions cannot be predicted, the available data in a chemical management system can inform flavor scientists of how two flavor enhancers might behave similarly or how a new flavor could be perceived.

Furthermore, in keeping careful records of flavors and additives as required with a chemical management system, flavor scientists can uncover new ways of using technology such as high-throughput screening to identify and characterize a diversity of new compounds. The possibilities for discovery are endless in flavor science and should begin with proper chemical management.

For Effective Development of Flavors, Turn to Chemical Management Software

BIOVIA CISPro is automated software that provides a complete and sustainable solution for food and beverage laboratories to track and report chemicals, helps ensure that these chemicals meet the appropriate safety standards and regulatory requirements, and supports the monitoring of expiration dates and chemical shelf-life. Additionally, with all available flavor chemicals stored using  chemical management software, scientists can then peruse the database to determine how novel flavors might be created or existing flavors enhanced with what is already available in-house. To learn more about how BIOVIA CISPro can help your organization improve the maintenance of existing chemicals and discover new ones, please contact us today.

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