Innovation Through Digital Continuity – The Key to Bio-Pharma Transformation?

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Digital Solutions for Bio-Pharma
Digital solutions help create a truly integrated process from start to finish. 
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The following is a guest post by Ellyn McMullin, Research Associate & Daniel R. Matlis, President. To download the white paper “Innovation Through Digital Continuity – The Key to Bio-Pharma Transformation?” click here to request a copy.

As Pharmaceutical/Biotech (Bio-Pharma) companies look for opportunities to accelerate innovation, continuous improvement is a strategic imperative. To fast-track innovation, companies need to be open to new ideas, and have awareness of new and emerging systems and technologies.

While most Bio-Pharma companies have complex stage-gate product development and change management and investigation processes, they lack the ability to connect decision loops across the total product lifecycle. Stated another way: They lack a harmonized, integrated and closed-loop approach to product lifecycle management (PLM). As a result, they are often unable to easily manage and respond to post-approval issues resulting from product, supplier or process changes as well as customer inquiries, adverse events and regulatory findings. Consequently, there is an inconsistent utilization of post-approval change management processes to improve products and processes.

The lack of a comprehensive product lifecycle management system—that is inclusive of both product and process and all related resources including upstream research & development intelligence—has hindered innovation and continuous improvement in Bio-Pharma. The transformation from disconnected data islands to integrated, holistic solutions requires the elimination of cultural, behavioral and technical barriers between functional areas.

As Bio-Pharma companies look for opportunities to accelerate innovation cycles to support continuous improvement, a fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management platform that enables innovation through digital continuity could be the key to Bio-Pharma transformation. To learn more, download our white paper.

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