Protein structure of a human antibody of the IgG2 isoform generated in-vivo via VDJ recombination. Source: Wikipedia Commons As biotechs everywhere flock to to the biologic gold rush, antibody design is at the tip of everyone’s tongues. Developing effective and safe biologics is a difficult process, requiring an abundance of […]

Protein structure of a human CD4 receptor. Source: European Bioinformatics Institute.   While the ultimate cure or prevention strategy for HIV is still in the works, researchers continue to develop partial solutions to different aspects of the disease. These partial solutions include post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and highly active antiretroviral […]

Molecular structure of aluminum hydroxide, the oldest and most common adjuvant added to vaccine formulations. Image source: Wikimedia With the renaissance of vaccines in full swing, advancements in adjuvant development are especially interesting. Traditional adjuvants such as alum have served effectively for decades1, but a new review has made the […]

viSNE plot of mass cytometry derived cell populations. Image Source: “viSNE enables visualization of high dimensional single-cell data and reveals phenotypic heterogeneity of leukemia, Nature Biotech.” 2013, ttp:// Cell analysis technologies within immunology are advancing at a rapid rate and are rendering deeper data across higher volumes of cells thanks […]

New light-controlled therapies could be a next step in treatment for retinal diseases. Image source: Paul Morris New research published within Scientific Reports details an especially compelling breakthrough within the field of drug delivery: light-activated self-assembling microvesicles.1 All biologists are familiar with vesicle-based transport and drug delivery, but this research’s […]

A principal component analysis visualization depicting breast cancer subtype data. Image source: Wikimedia Commons Screening sets of bacterial mutants for single trait expression is tough, but imagine how hard it would be to screen hundreds of mutants for dozens of different traits simultaneously. Sure, it’s doable, experimentally speaking. Harvest your […]