Developing a new drug requires that life sciences companies invest vast amounts of resources. Depending on the complexity of treatment, firms can devote over a decade to the R&D process. In terms of financial cost, a single drug can require hundreds of millions of dollars from start to finish. Considering […]

In ancient times, tzaraath, translated from the Hebrew Bible, was a catch-all phrase for a variety of skin conditions that likely included psoriasis. When the person was in his or her “afflicted phase,” the patient was described as “impure.” Now we know that 2-3% of the population suffers from the condition that has nothing to do with impurity and everything to do with a combination of genes and “specific external factors” known as triggers. These triggers can include stress, injury to the skin, infection or certain medications that lead to an alteration in the life cycle of skin cells.

Imagine being unable to eat bread without experiencing abdominal discomfort. Or, for that matter, having to avoid any food containing wheat-related by-products for fear of suffering from gastrointestinal issues. That’s the case for over 3 million people in the United States. These people live with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder […]

Part of the human condition involves surviving and caring for our bodily injuries and an entire industry in pharmaceuticals is devoted to ensuring we do so effectively: ointments are made to prevent infection, medications prevent pain and bandages protect our scrapes and scratches from further re-injury. But for individuals with […]