As all scientists know, collaboration makes the lab function. Without collaboration, science itself is impossible. This is true in every field of science, including oncology drug target finding, according to a presentation issued at the AACR Special Conference on DNA Repair.1 In the presentation, researchers unveiled a new piece of […]

What if you could replace your laboratory’s antibody supply with a library of custom-built probes which served the same purpose at a fraction of the price and at a multiple of the efficacy? Enter the age of the aptamers—short oligonucleotides that can bind arbitrary targets in a cheaper and more […]

A prototypical heat shock protein whose overexpression is linked to carcinogenesis in humans. Source: As the big data revolution continues, doctors, immunologists and other human-health oriented biologists are growing increasingly disillusioned with their ability to connect insights from large data sets to concrete human health impacts. A new review […]