If your laboratory uses and stores chemicals on site, then you probably understand how frustrating chemical regulation compliance can be. Depending upon the type of chemicals your lab uses, you may have to report information to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state regulators, first responders and, in some cases, private […]

The pending Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union stands to drastically change the way trade is carried out between the two parties. The main objective of the trade agreement is to reduce regulatory barriers that make conducting transatlantic business costly and time […]

Solvents are used in every synthetic chemistry lab, typically as a substance to dissolve solutes. Despite their ubiquity though, solvents aren’t easy to work with. They are often volatile, making them highly flammable. Solvent vapors can also accumulate on the ground, posing a flash fire hazard. Many solvents have also […]