This month the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced total awards of over $3 million in grants to improve understanding of chemical safety information. Specifically, these grants funded research projects that seek to show how chemicals interact with brain development. Aligning with the EPA’s mission to protect human health and the […]

In January of 2014, the chemical spill that occurred on the Elk River spurred a demand for stronger chemical safety precautions. Since then, West Virginia has remained in the news, and the EPA is tightening restrictions on chemical safety. In particular, the EPA’s Risk Management Plan is becoming more stringent […]

  Everyone knows that safety data sheets include health precautions that scientists follow regularly. Gloves, goggles and lab coats keep us safe when we handle potentially dangerous chemicals. But what happens when they are incorporated into consumer goods? The effects of chemicals within goods, especially those manufactured for children, is […]

Things went from bad to worse this week for Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the chemical spill that contaminated the drinking water in West Virginia. According to the Charleston Gazette, Gary Southern, the President of Freedom Industries, disclosed that a second chemical was involved in the spill that left […]