Walking down the aisle of the local supermarket, it’s easy to see consumers’ desire for new and unique flavors: there are candies flavored to mimic raspberry pomegranate or strawberry starfruit, and chips made to taste like Southern Biscuits and Gravy or a Greektown Gyro. As Kojo Nnamdi writes on his show website, “Consumers crave flavor, variety and novelty in their food, and manufacturers are happy to comply.” Food and beverage companies that are hoping to capitalize on consumers’ needs are increasingly turning to advanced chemists to create the bold and exotic flavor combinations consumers expect in this fast-paced market.

The current volatility of the petrochemical market has put oil and gas firms in a tough position. With the marketplace in a constant state of flux, companies must strive to find ways to retain their competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the margin for error is extremely narrow. One small mistake could result […]

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as the technique is more commonly called, transformed the United States oil and gas industry when its usage gained popularity in the early 2000s. Widespread adoption of fracking drove oil production to levels not seen since the 1980s and allowed the U.S. to compete with Saudi […]

Waste is generated each day: there is food waste, water waste and for chemical companies and laboratories, chemical wastes of which expired chemicals form the bulk. Part of the cause is that lab managers will often order large quantities of chemicals and they are kept beyond their expiration date. Unfortunately, despite an attempt to save money on chemicals, laboratories and organizations often end up spending more to dispose of expired chemicals. For those companies that use specialty chemicals in food products, expired chemicals can be potentially lethal.

On the evening of August 12, 2015, a warehouse explosion rocked the Northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin. The accident killed 100 people, injured hundreds more and levelled the surrounding buildings. How could such a huge tragedy happen? It turns out the warehouse violated safety regulations by storing toxic chemicals […]

The Industrial Revolution heralded an age of scientific and technological advancement. However, as the number of factories expanded across the world, so too did the extent of industrial pollution.1 Industrial pollution is a major contributor to environmental degradation and thus, reducing pollution is of utmost importance to many governments, companies, […]

Just when we thought the issues had finally been settled, laboratory safety in government facilities hits headlines once again. I’m not even talking about the mishaps that plagued the CDC last year. It turns out the conditions and attitudes that led to those incidents are pervasive in other facilities as […]