While the economic and scientific benefits of crossing borders are clear, multinational life sciences companies face logistical challenges when it comes to chemical management. Innovative software makes it easy to deal with these technical issues so that scientists can focus on maximizing the research benefits of multinational expansion.

It’s hard to believe that last month marked the third anniversary of the West Fertilizer Company explosion. In some ways, it seems just like yesterday that the disaster dominated headlines. But enough time has passed that we’ve seen the passage of multiple bills seeking to prevent another deadly accident of […]

On the evening of August 12, 2015, a warehouse explosion rocked the Northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin. The accident killed 100 people, injured hundreds more and levelled the surrounding buildings. How could such a huge tragedy happen? It turns out the warehouse violated safety regulations by storing toxic chemicals […]

Two years ago, a fertilizer company in West, Texas, caught on fire. When firefighters attempted to put out the flames, the plant exploded. The accident killed and injured numerous people, as well as inflicted damage on surrounding properties. While the cause of the initial fire remains unknown, investigators say the […]