Identifying creative strategies to address degenerative neurological diseases and psychiatric conditions is one of the most significant challenges in the life science industry today. From malignant brain tumors to anxiety and depression, nervous system conditions have proven to be extremely difficult to target with traditional drug therapies. However, a recent […]

Macrophages are known for their phagocytotic action and modest cytokine secretions in support of effector immune cells.1 Though a running joke among immunologists is that macrophages “do everything,” few would hazard that macrophages have mechanobiological activity in which they act as oversized vesicles. In a new paper exploring macrophages in […]

According to new research recently published in the Journal of Immunology, there’s a good chance that the answer is yes.1 Eager to hop into the biologics and immunotherapeutic crazes, researchers successfully immunized a group of neonatal mice against a common allergen: cockroach-borne enterobacteria. Following inoculation, researchers were able to isolate […]