While the global demand for meat has been steadily increasing, the reliance upon animals to meet this demand is not without complications. In fact, our world’s collective love of meat might one day result in “increased environmental pollution, energy consumption, animal suffering, and the proliferation of animal-borne disease.” How can we avoid such a future? According to a Times editorial, synthetic meat products created in the laboratories of food and beverage companies instead of originating on a farm will come to dominate our supermarkets. Still, current efforts in the development of synthetic meat and other food items are in infancy. In order to accelerate the field, more information about precursor cells, how the cells can be grown in bioreactors and the types of additives and preservatives to add remain a working challenge.

Have you noticed anything different about the offerings at your favorite fast food restaurant recently? I’m not talking about healthier food items on the menu—although that is certainly a trend I’ve noticed as well. What I’m referring to is the wider selections of condiment sauces at several restaurant chains. Gone […]

Walking down the aisle of the local supermarket, it’s easy to see consumers’ desire for new and unique flavors: there are candies flavored to mimic raspberry pomegranate or strawberry starfruit, and chips made to taste like Southern Biscuits and Gravy or a Greektown Gyro. As Kojo Nnamdi writes on his show website, “Consumers crave flavor, variety and novelty in their food, and manufacturers are happy to comply.” Food and beverage companies that are hoping to capitalize on consumers’ needs are increasingly turning to advanced chemists to create the bold and exotic flavor combinations consumers expect in this fast-paced market.

Coffee has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple breakfast beverage. In fact, you could say it’s grown beyond the basic purpose of providing a morning caffeine boost. These days, specialty coffee drinks have become signature seasonal offerings geared toward attracting new customers. Surely everyone’s heard […]

As food products are processed, packaged and distributed, they undergo many tests for safety. Given the importance of quality and safety, the food and beverage industry could always benefit from more sensitive tests to detect food contaminants and subsequently protect consumers. Indeed, those companies with few negative incidents are also […]

It looks like the soda industry is following in the footsteps of the beer industry by going local, flavorful and premium. Hardly a surprise since soda products have been experiencing a sales slump in a similar way that beer products have. In fact, the soda market has seen flagging sales […]

Things aren’t looking so bright for the U.S. beer industry. Despite being the second largest market for alcohol consumption, demographic breakdowns paint a different picture. When it comes to preferring beer over other alcoholic beverages, sales have been flat or slightly declining for older age groups over the past two decades. […]