Food recalls, specifically those related to listeria contamination, have been prevalent in North America over the last year. Fortunately, there are production management steps that can be taken to better manage and prevent these recalls. Image Source: Flickr User: Breville USA All over the world, caution at preventing bacterial contamination in […]

Food and Beverage companies have long faced tough decisions about whether or not to cater their products to specialty diets. As the low-FODMAP diet becomes more popular, Food and Beverage companies can use modern software to develop new formulations that comply with the guidelines of the low-FODMAP diet in order to appeal to this growing consumer niche.

Who says consumers can’t make a difference? Increased awareness about environmental issues have affected people’s buying patterns and CPG companies are taking notice. With the growing demand for goods sourced from sustainable materials, organizations need to respond to the shifting market focus in order to remain competitive. From green laundry […]

A few decades ago, the only people who completed marathons were the most serious runners. Today, endurance events are increasingly popular among everyday athletes. Weekend warriors who once stuck to road 5Ks and leisurely bike rides are now tackling half-marathons, marathons, triathlons and cycling tours. Many of these athletes fuel […]

A recent report highlights the ongoing problem of 67% of metal cans containing bisphenol A (BPA), which may have the potential to negatively affect hormonal systems. While there’s no concrete proof that it actually causes harm in humans, many individuals remain concerned that the chemical can transfer from the container to the food, and then from the food into the human body. Faced with mounting pressures, CPG firms have been investigating BPA alternatives for their food packaging.

It seems like individuals are constantly considering changes to lifestyle as a result of evolving advice. From incorporating a new food into a diet because it’s considered healthier to switching to a different type of exercise because it’s better for the knees, there is no doubt about it—managing lifestyles can be challenging. Despite all that, however, one thing remains the same: my home must be cleaned. The same is true for other people, too. A recent global survey found that 31% of people cleaned their households every day.