Two years ago, a fertilizer company in West, Texas, caught on fire. When firefighters attempted to put out the flames, the plant exploded. The accident killed and injured numerous people, as well as inflicted damage on surrounding properties. While the cause of the initial fire remains unknown, investigators say the […]

When we receive medications from pharmacies or physicians, we expect that these substances will work toward restoring our health. Very few of us expect to be injured or killed by the medical interventions meant to save us. In October 2012, however, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]

Experiments are not built equally in complexity. In fact, some require the perfect coordination of resources, time, energy and courage which, when existing at this perfect ratio, can finally propel a scientist into completing a complicated, but necessary control for example. So imagine a scientist’s frustration after she has collected […]

Picking up a bottle of acetaminophen from a local supermarket, one would expect the medication within the bottle to be the same as the medicine purchased weeks ago from the same company. The concept of “slight variations” might be fine for certain food products. However, variance in pharmaceutical interventions can […]

Most laboratory directors do not enjoy accounting; that may explain why they became scientists. However, due to job responsibilities, some laboratory directors cannot escape becoming involved in accounting related questions, especially in regard to tracking month-end chemical inventory. According to the generally accepted accounting principles (also known as GAAP), the […]