Although chemicals are vital to laboratory operations, they can be hazardous to the nearby community if they are not handled properly. The state of Massachusetts understands how dangerous chemicals can be and are implementing new fire code regulations next year in order to reduce the risk of accidents, like the […]

I recently attended a meeting with an interesting novelty clock designed to keep meetings short and productive. The clock required two inputs, one for the average hourly rate and one for the number of people in attendance. It then used this information to calculate the cost of the meeting as the […]

When I talk with people about chemical inventory management systems, most can quickly identify the surface level benefits. These usually include improved chemical tracking, the reduction of disposal costs and the ability to create a lean chemical inventory. However, these aren’t the only advantages provided by a chemical inventory management system. The […]

This may be the curmudgeon in me coming out, but I have started to feel that there is nothing free left in this world. It costs money to do everything, from enjoying the beauty of a city park (taxes) to sharing pictures on Facebook (informational and privacy costs). When examined from the perspective […]

Although everyone appreciates the important role the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plays in keeping our work environment safe, nobody actually likes a visit from an OSHA inspector. Even if a workplace has a sterling record of occupational safety, there are no guarantees that an inspector will not discover […]