When people talk about red tape, they are usually describing the administrative barriers that prevent them from carrying out business the way they want. Most people don’t want to have to get permits to build on their own property or even keep seven years worth of documents for tax purposes. […]

Employees often associate standards with an increased workload or decreased efficiencies due to excessive red tape. They have probably had to deal with standards that were poorly implemented or didn’t necessarily address company issues. However, well-designed standards, especially safety standards, can have numerous downstream benefits from which both employees and […]

Tracking chemicals in the laboratory is a time-consuming task. Most laboratories use a combination of manually produced paper documents and spreadsheets in order to track inventory location and quantity. Unfortunately, the information using these methods is not always as accurate as is required by safety regulators or financial reporting purposes, […]

When it comes to implementing a new digital chemical inventory management system, there’s one thing that’s certain: if people are involved, there’s a pretty good chance that the adoption process will experience some roadblocks. From technology opponents to slow learners, it is likely that your lab employs users who may […]

If you have ever looked at a laboratory income statement, you may have noticed that “labor” is the largest category expense. The main reason for this is because laboratories hire a person for their experience, skills and knowledge. It turns out that these are quite expensive qualities. On the other […]