Within a commercial laboratory, there are two conflicting forces. The first force is the need to produce scientific results. This goal is supported by scientists and lab personnel who are focused principally on research and scientific discovery. Their focal point is on controlled experimentation and rigorous documentation standards. The second […]

International collaboration launches rockets to the International Space Station and built a powerful particle collider. Evidence shows that collaboration oils the gears of the scientific process and results in more innovative and powerful projects and products.  Yet, there is a flip side to the otherwise extremely beneficial process of collaborative […]

Did you know that over 35% of scientific research papers today include coauthors from more than one country? As the world becomes increasingly smaller and more connected digitally, the scientific community is transforming to reflect this. The value of collaborative research crosses international borders, and the new developments that result […]

  In 2009, Judy Mikovits published an instant success in the journal Science. The article sharing the results of her research into chronic fatigue syndrome generated interest from both the scientific community and patients afflicted by the disease. However, two years later, on November 28, 2011, Mikovits was arrested and […]