Combination therapeutics are increasingly common, but efficient research and manufacturing operations for these products requires open channels of communication. Modern information sharing platforms can provide the solution. Image Credit: Flickr use List_84 More than ever, scientists are embracing the development of combination therapeutics. Not only is this more convenient for […]

New research insights into the neurological underpinnings of autism may provide a basis for the development of early-life pharmacological intervention strategies. Image Credit: Flickr user National Human Genome Research Institute A November 2016 study in Nature Communications has revealed new insights into the brain physiology underlying autism. It was previously […]

A principal component analysis visualization depicting breast cancer subtype data. Image source: Wikimedia Commons Screening sets of bacterial mutants for single trait expression is tough, but imagine how hard it would be to screen hundreds of mutants for dozens of different traits simultaneously. Sure, it’s doable, experimentally speaking. Harvest your […]

The following is a guest post by Ton van Daelen, PhD, Senior Product Director, BIOVIA ScienceCloud. As corporations are defining their research informatics cloud strategies, it is becoming clear is that this will be a “measured migration” rather than a “lift-and-shift” operation. During this migration, organizations will support a “hybrid-cloud” […]