New research using a modified Cas9 protein has shown that with the proper tools, geneticists have unprecedented access to edit the epigenome.1 Accessing the epigenome is a treasure trove of research on the same scale as CRISPR. However, utilizing this new research to maximum effect will require a comprehensive software […]

Schematic diagram depicting the relationship between genomics, proteomics, interactomics, and metablomics. Source: US Department of Energy. According to a new review published in Nature Rheumatology,1 the wide and deep oceans of genomic, proteomic, interactomic, and metabolomic data that researchers have spent the last few years gathering and sorting are now […]

Combination therapeutics are increasingly common, but efficient research and manufacturing operations for these products requires open channels of communication. Modern information sharing platforms can provide the solution. Image Credit: Flickr use List_84 More than ever, scientists are embracing the development of combination therapeutics. Not only is this more convenient for […]

New research insights into the neurological underpinnings of autism may provide a basis for the development of early-life pharmacological intervention strategies. Image Credit: Flickr user National Human Genome Research Institute A November 2016 study in Nature Communications has revealed new insights into the brain physiology underlying autism. It was previously […]