Over the past few years, the medical community’s approach to healthcare has changed. If you’ve visited your primary care physician within the last year or two, no doubt you’ve experienced firsthand the increased emphasis on preventative medicine. Some advice you might have received likely included exercise more, lose weight and watch your diet. With obesity rates in the United States skyrocketing, this renewed focus isn’t surprising—especially in light of the fact that obesity is linked to chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. One of these chronic diseases is type-2 diabetes, which is initially treated with a regimen similar to the one used to prevent obesity. Due to the connection between the two conditions, the overlap makes sense. In fact, preventing obesity is considered the first step to lowering your chances of developing type-2 diabetes. Like obesity, weight management through diet and exercise isn’t always an effective form of type-2 diabetes treatment. When these methods fail, patients often then turn to other therapies such as medication or insulin shots to control glucose levels. But with the price of insulin rising, there has been an increased interest in finding alternative type-2 diabetes treatment options.

At medical schools and research facilities across the country, physicians and scientists are trying to discover ways to ensure that treatments are more specific and targeted than ever before. Gone are the days when experts are content with a “one-drug-fits-all” style pharmacology. In cancer therapy, these experts are turning to antibody-drug conjugates to serve their needs for specificity in the hope that these therapies will eliminate the often terrible side effects of chemotherapy and result in long-lasting relief from cancer.

If you’ve taken a close look at your chemical inventory lately, then you may have noticed that recently received containers feature newly designed labels. In 2012, OSHA revised its Hazard Communication Standard to align with the UN’s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. As part of the new guidance, the agency released a compliance schedule and in the time since, deadlines have been reached and passed.

The announcement of regulatory changes can fill life sciences companies with trepidation. More often than not, the implementation of such updates would require resources and manpower that organizations cannot provide without significant investment or reallocation. However, it seems like tightening guidelines are becoming the norm in the life sciences industries.

The first day of training for Science in the Age of Experience 2016 has officially begun! Over the next two days, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA has scheduled twelve hours of hands-on training with their product experts. With eighteen different sessions, attendees can master any of the solutions BIOVIA has to offer. This is a rare opportunity to learn the latest tips, tricks and techniques from the people who know it best.

Despite being relatively rare, Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) tends to strike young adults most often, especially those people in their 20s. On the positive side, HL has one of the highest cure rates of all cancer types, with the very first treatments having been developed almost a century ago. In less optimistic news, however, patients who do not respond to therapy or who relapse face worse outcomes. For this demographic, their options include salvage therapies and bone marrow or stem cell transplants.

After three crazy days of sessions at Science in the Age of Experience, conference attendees get a night off to explore the city of Boston. As one of the oldest cities in the country, Bean Town’s rich history offers something for everyone. Whether you would like to take a walk through time and visit some of the actual sites where key events in the Revolutionary War occurred, catch a game at the oldest ballpark in the country, view one of the most extensive collections of art in the world or explore the vibrant restaurant scene, Boston truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

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