“Personalized medicine” is an increasingly popular catchphrase in modern health care and advocates of this approach argue that doctors should not assume that one treatment will work for every patient with a certain disease or condition. Instead, it’s believed that doctors should prescribe individualized medical treatments based on an evaluation […]

A recent report highlights the ongoing problem of 67% of metal cans containing bisphenol A (BPA), which may have the potential to negatively affect hormonal systems. While there’s no concrete proof that it actually causes harm in humans, many individuals remain concerned that the chemical can transfer from the container to the food, and then from the food into the human body. Faced with mounting pressures, CPG firms have been investigating BPA alternatives for their food packaging.

Today’s shifting regulatory environment continues to exert mounting pressure upon the pharmaceutical industry. In a recent meeting with Congress, the FDA presented draft guidance seeking to modernize drug manufacturing. The suggestions encourage life sciences firms to adopt emerging technologies to improve drug quality. Poor quality can lead to costly recalls stemming from a variety of failures such as compromised sterility, mold in manufacturing areas and contaminated containers. It can even result in delayed product launches. In addition to the potential health risks, these delays and recalls contribute to shortages, which can prevent life-saving drugs from reaching the patients who need them.

In today’s globalized world, emerging markets are playing an increasingly important role. Emerging markets are countries that are right on the edge of becoming developed markets. Traditionally, the term was used to describe the four BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India and China—but as economic conditions in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific […]

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