In both the materials science and life science fields, modeling and simulation software is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in the R&D process. Materials science researchers can use the latest visualization software to better understand connections between the observable properties of a material and its underlying atomic and molecular structures. […]

Since the introduction of the Japanese concept of “leanness” in business, many different groups have implemented the lean concept to improve their internal processes.1  Surprisingly, the lean methodology hasn’t permeated pharmaceutical research, development, or discovery practices– at least not explicitly. As it turns out, there are a number of burdens […]

Every laboratory contains a variety of quantitative data and qualitative data spread across many media platforms and a number of physical locations, and practically every researcher and administrator has a writing utensil within arm’s reach. Handwriting is a useful construct in everyday life, but in the laboratory, it’s not particularly […]

It’s not often in biology that a field of inquiry becomes distinct enough to branch off from its progenitors and form a new subfield, but that’s exactly what the creators of the freshly founded Network Neuroscience journal aim to do.1. “The Future Of Network Neuroscience.” April 2017,] Published via […]

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