The growing therapeutic biologics market in the United States is about to undergo an evolution. Despite preconceived notions, however, the external factors pushing for these changes do not come from insurance companies or consumer-interest groups seeking lower healthcare costs. Instead, the pressure comes from another source that’s been looming on […]

Walking down the aisle of the local supermarket, it’s easy to see consumers’ desire for new and unique flavors: there are candies flavored to mimic raspberry pomegranate or strawberry starfruit, and chips made to taste like Southern Biscuits and Gravy or a Greektown Gyro. As Kojo Nnamdi writes on his show website, “Consumers crave flavor, variety and novelty in their food, and manufacturers are happy to comply.” Food and beverage companies that are hoping to capitalize on consumers’ needs are increasingly turning to advanced chemists to create the bold and exotic flavor combinations consumers expect in this fast-paced market.

The current volatility of the petrochemical market has put oil and gas firms in a tough position. With the marketplace in a constant state of flux, companies must strive to find ways to retain their competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the margin for error is extremely narrow. One small mistake could result […]

Nearly five decades after America began its war against cancer with the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971 by U.S. President Nixon, Americans have experienced progress, stagnation and defeat in this war. Novel and incredible research efforts, such as the mapping of the complete human genome, hold significant promise for determining the genetic underpinnings of cancer and providing targeted therapies that will increase a patient’s chance of survival. And yet, such therapies remain few and far between.”

Coffee has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple breakfast beverage. In fact, you could say it’s grown beyond the basic purpose of providing a morning caffeine boost. These days, specialty coffee drinks have become signature seasonal offerings geared toward attracting new customers. Surely everyone’s heard […]

As research projects grow in scope and size, scientific collaboration between organizations and groups becomes increasingly necessary. Whether it’s opening a center that brings together experts from different fields to create nanotech-based cancer care applications, collaborative relationships are clearly the present and future of scientific research. And it’s all thanks to modern technology which fosters communication between groups, no matter their location or time zone.

Capacitors are everywhere: they are inside our televisions, phones and almost any other electronic devices we use. Like a battery, capacitors store large amounts of energy in the form of electrical potential energy. Structurally, a charge gradient is established between two plate conductors and then an insulator is sandwiched between […]

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