As consumer incomes rise and lifestyles continue to become more globalized and cosmopolitan, the worldwide market for beauty care products is expected to reach approximately $265 billion in 2017.1 Interestingly, as the demand for makeup products from consumers increases, so too does the desire to improve their skin care regimen. […]

Surfactants play a huge role in the commercial and industrial arenas. Since they have the ability to reduce liquid surface tension, we typically associate them with soaps and detergents. However, surfactants are also important within the cosmetic, personal care products, agrochemical and paint industries. They’re even used in oil drilling and […]

Agrochemicals describe the many chemical products that are used to maintain agriculture. These include pesticides, fertilizers and a myriad of other agents to keep our oranges sweet and apples the most brilliant of reds. However, in the past decade, the global market for pesticides has been worth $40.7 billion with […]

In the past few years, technological revolutions in material and software engineering have made collecting large amounts of data significantly easier.1 In fact, the term “big data”2 is specifically used to describe data sets that are massive in volume with both unstructured and structured components that can pose a difficulty […]

Things aren’t looking so bright for the U.S. beer industry. Despite being the second largest market for alcohol consumption, demographic breakdowns paint a different picture. When it comes to preferring beer over other alcoholic beverages, sales have been flat or slightly declining for older age groups over the past two decades. […]

According to the website of the Holacracy parent company, HolacracyOne,1 Holacracy is “a new way of running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across clear roles, which can then be executed autonomously, without a micromanaging boss.” The Benefits and Challenges of Holacracy Despite the […]

The oil and gas industry faces a major issue in the near future. No, I’m not talking about market volatility or plummeting crude oil prices. Sure, those are still concerns in the current uncertain environment, but what I’m referencing is something that’s gone overlooked in recent years. What is it? […]

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