Food recalls, specifically those related to listeria contamination, have been prevalent in North America over the last year. Fortunately, there are production management steps that can be taken to better manage and prevent these recalls. Image Source: Flickr User: Breville USA All over the world, caution at preventing bacterial contamination in […]

Gord Downie, the frontman of the Canadian band The Tragically Hip, was given a terminal glioblastoma multiforme prognosis and chose to spend his last months touring Canada in addition to raising awareness about the disease. Recent research into the glioblastoma multiforme may end, or reduce, terminal diagnoses. Image Source: The Armed […]

More infectious bacteria than ever are acquiring antibiotic resistance, so scientists are searching the microbiome for compounds that have antibacterial properties.  Image Credit: Flickr user Esther Simpson As more strains of bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, scientists are searching for new sources of antibiotics. While most current antibiotics are derived from […]

The following is a guest post by Ton van Daelen, PhD, Senior Product Director, BIOVIA ScienceCloud. As corporations are defining their research informatics cloud strategies, it is becoming clear is that this will be a “measured migration” rather than a “lift-and-shift” operation. During this migration, organizations will support a “hybrid-cloud” […]

Last year, the FDA proposed standards for quality metrics and followed that up with guidelines covering data integrity and cGMP compliance. The latter, in particular, has highlighted a string of high-profile quality violations during the drug manufacturing process in overseas facilities. Given that a third of generic small-molecule drugs consumed […]

While many pharmaceutical firms have devoted significant resources to exploring the innovative realm of biologics, small molecule drug discovery remains a priority for multiple types of disease therapy. For illnesses like cancer, which have several subtypes and underlying biological mechanisms, a wide variety of treatment options is necessary to help […]

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