Despite the consumer push for more organic, all-natural ingredients, there remains a place for genetically-modified products in the food and beverage industry. In February, the FDA approved the commercial planting of a non-browning apple and bruise-resistant potato. Unlike other genetically-altered crops, the apple and potato were engineered to benefit consumers. […]

In one of Dylan Thomas’ most treasured works, written in response to his father’s progressive blindness, the famed poet alternates between imploring his father to “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” and begging him to “not go gentle into that good night.” Thomas’ encouragement of his father to […]

Picking up a bottle of acetaminophen from a local supermarket, one would expect the medication within the bottle to be the same as the medicine purchased weeks ago from the same company. The concept of “slight variations” might be fine for certain food products. However, variance in pharmaceutical interventions can […]

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