Within the last several years, the popularity of reusable containers has increased significantly as part of the green movement. Because numerous people use reusable containers on a daily basis, many have become concerned about the materials used in their production, and how those materials may affect their health. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound […]

When I talk with people about chemical inventory management systems, most can quickly identify the surface level benefits. These usually include improved chemical tracking, the reduction of disposal costs and the ability to create a lean chemical inventory. However, these aren’t the only advantages provided by a chemical inventory management system. The […]

In his 1798 publication An Essay on the Principle of Population, Robert Mathus put forth a theory that population growth would eventually be checked by disease and the lack of food. Fortunately for the seven billion plus people currently living on earth, he was wrong. Although Mathus assumptions have proven incorrect, his warning […]

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