In 1877, Charles Sanders Peirce wrote an article called “The Fixation of Belief” in which he characterized the scientific method as “the method wherein inquiry regards itself as fallible and purposely tests itself and criticizes, corrects and improves itself.” In this paper, he outlined the basic idea of the scientific […]

Earlier this year, a chemistry experiment in a Manhattan high school classroom went horribly wrong. The experiment, known as the Rainbow, uses methanol as an accelerant to burn dishes of various minerals. However, during this particular incident, it appears that flammable vapors from the methane were dispersed throughout the room […]

Although everyone appreciates the important role the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plays in keeping our work environment safe, nobody actually likes a visit from an OSHA inspector. Even if a workplace has a sterling record of occupational safety, there are no guarantees that an inspector will not discover […]

In most laboratories, there is a set of chemicals labeled “hazardous.” These chemicals are usually separated from other chemical inventory because they can cause injury to scientists, the environment or both. However, there is a growing laboratory movement that is attempting to replace these hazardous chemicals with something less risky. […]

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