2018 European BIOVIA Forum April 9-12, 2018 | Berlin 3DEXPERIENCE®


The 2018 BIOVIA Forum will begin on Monday, April 9th at 1pm and will conclude on Thursday, April 12th following lunch. The conference will feature two pre-conference days of optional training courses on Monday April 9th and Tuesday April 10th . Register now and hear from over 40 expert user presentations from BIOVIA customers and staff.

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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Morning   Training Workshops Plenary Session Breakout Sessions
Lunch   Networking Lunch Networking Lunch Networking Lunch
Afternoon Training Workshops Training Workshops Breakout Sessions Closing Plenary Session
Evening Evening Free Welcome Reception Off-Site Networking Event  

Optional training workshops are scheduled for Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday. Learn more

The BIOVIA Forum opening plenary session will start Wednesday morning followed by four parallel breakout sessions taking place Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. The concluding plenary session will take place just after lunch on Thursday afternoon. The breakout sessions will include the following tracks:

Breakout Tracks

The conference will feature 4 parallel breakout tracks including the following:

Discovery Research Track

Modern scientific product development is shifting to focus on harmonizing models, data, experiments, and people across an organization’s distributed research network. Adopting and accelerating agile discovery means developing a comprehensive understanding of a product from the molecule to manufacturing and in silico techniques can help support this understanding. Join industry leaders and experts from BIOVIA as they explore how atomistic modeling and simulation, advanced analytics and machine learning, and cloud-enabled collaborative workspaces support the next generation of R&D and innovation.

Products Featured in this track include: Pipeline Pilot, Discovery Studio, Materials Studio, ScienceCloud, QSAR Workbench, Assay, Insight, Registration & Insight

Laboratory Track

Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA's Laboratory Informatics solutions are leveraged across science-based industries and used by almost 200,000 users worldwide. Learn about best practices from your peers, BIOVIA experts and partners, get an overview of upcoming releases , experience new capabilities for research, development and quality control labs and discuss new ideas with colleagues and thought leaders. Learn how to maximize your current investment and how BIOVIA's Laboratory Informatics capabilities can help to improve collaboration, innovation, efficiency and quality of your laboratory work.

Products Featured in this track include: BIOVIA Workbook, BIOVIA Notebook, BIOVIA LES, BIOVIA LIMS, BIOVIA CISPro, BIOVIA Compose, BIOVIA Capture, and BIOVIA Review

Manufacturing and Quality Track

This track is dedicated to the key concerns and solutions of the Manufacturing space. Major topics discussed will include CPV strategy, CDMO collaboration model, management of quality processes and documentation, design of robust and performant manufacturing processes. The track will include product roadmap, real life client case studies and sessions highlighting recommended best industry practices.

Products Featured in this track include: BIOVIA Discoverant, BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot, DocCompliance, ProcessCompliance and more

Information Technology Track

Led by BIOVIA technical experts, Tech sessions at this year’s event will cover a range of topics including IT best practices, security, deployments, integration, cloud and hybrid cloud environments, IT upgrades and roadmaps. Interactive sessions are designed to provide you with better insight into the technical aspects of BIOVIA solutions and gain critical knowledge about how to manage, support, integrate and deploy these solutions into your IT environments. This session is designed for customers who have IT responsibilities and titles of, but not limited to, System Administrators, Software or Web Developers, Analysts, or Architects

Products covered in this track: Pipeline Pilot, ScienceCloud, Workbook, Notebook, Assay, Unified Lab Management