2018 European BIOVIA Forum 9-12 April 2018 | Berlin 3DEXPERIENCE®


Presentations from the 2018 European BIOVIA Forum are available for download by clicking on the talk titles listed below. Please note that not all presentations are available for distribution.

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08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Welcome
Leif Pedersen, CEO BIOVIA, Dassault Systèmes
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09:15 Keynote Presentation
Janet Cheetham, Executive Director, Amgen, Inc.
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09:45 Overcoming the Trust Barrier to Drive Value from AI and Machine Learning
Mark Roberts, Tessella

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10:15 Break
11:45 Science Stories from Around the World
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R&D Update
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12:00 Lunch
  Discovery Research Track Laboratory and Process Optimization Data Science and IT
13:30 A Collaborative Approach to Investigate Glutamate Receptors
Francine Acher, University Paris Descartes
Introducing a Unified Lab Solution in the Bioingredient Industry
Ton Gorter, Corbion
Big Analysis in the Enterprise –
Turning Data Assets into Business Value
Heiner Oberkampf, OSTHUS GmbH
14:00 Molecular Modelling of Interaction Energy between Dispersant and Alumina Surface
Sinem Aksan, Dumlupınar University
Evonik SmartLab
Felix Mueller, Evonik
Challenges of ‘Cloud’-based Infrastructure in an R&D Environment
James Harvey, Syngenta
14:30 Simulation of Novel Soy Protein-Based Systems for Tissue Regeneration Applications
Dafna Knani, Braude Academic College
What's New in Unified Lab Management
Dennis Curran, BIOVIA
Scientific data as an asset –
Recent enhancements and roadmap 
Matt Sage, BIOVIA
15:00 Break
15:30 Enabling Pure Bispecific Antibody Production / Contorsbody, a Novel (bi-specific) Format / Rescue Antibody with Liabilities
Guy Georges, Roche
From "Future to Reality” - The Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) at Bayer
Doreen Gaertner, Bayer
Data Science within And beyond ELN
Morten Meldgaard, Christian Hansen
16:00 3decision®: Bringing Structural Data Analytics to the Masses
Thomas Blarre, Discngine
Stability Trending in Pipeline Pilot / Discoverant
Jean Hubschwerlin, UCB
Moving from V2000 to V3000 –
managing the business change
associated with upgrading the data format
chemical structures
Wolfgang Klute, AstraZeneca
16:30 New Capabilities in BIOVIA Discovery Research Machine Learning Applications
Adrian Stevens, BIOVIA
Scientific Data as an Asset
Matt Sage, BIOVIA
Connecting Data and People
to Drive Scientific Decision Making
Eddy Vande Water, BIOVIA
17:30 Networking Off-Site Event

08:00 Breakfast
  Discovery Research Track Laboratory and Process Optimization Data Science and IT
09:00 The virtues of building interfaces
with Pipeline Pilot
Nicolas Triballeau, Galapagos
Use of Discoverant & Pipeline Pilot for Automation of CPV and APR Reports and Strategy for Validation of Pipeline Pilot Protocols
Florence Monard, Merck
Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Drug Design
Ton Van Daelen, BIOVIA
09:30 Structural Biology: Faster Construct Design with Pipeline Pilot
Ursula Egner, Bayer
Discoverant Roadmap
Stéphane Vellay, BIOVIA
Scaling de novo design, from single target
to disease portfolio
Willem van Hoorn, Exscientia
10:00 From Virtual Libraries to
Real Bromodomain Inhibitors
Manel Lopez, AB-Science
Use of CISPro in Occupational Hygiene Risk Management at AkzoNobel Netherlands
Herald Boevenbrink, AkzoNobel
The Evolution of the Bayer ADMET Platform: Machine Learning evolving from 2D to 3D and from Molecular to Atomic Descriptions
Andreas Goeller, Bayer
10:30 Break
11:00 Designing and interpreting materials science experiments with atomistic model calculations: examples from the deep Earth and outer space
Björn Winkler, Goethe University
Formulated Products Development Solution Introduction
Laure Buquen ENOVIA, Dassault Systèmes
AI-driven optimization of small molecule and biological therapeutics
Adrian Stevens, BIOVIA
11:30 MATERIALS 360
Michael Doyle, BIOVIA
Smart Data Exchange with CMOs
Jean-Etienne Fortier, UCB
Search and Optimization Strategies for Automated Lead Discovery
Dana Honeycutt, BIOVIA
12:00 Closing Plenary Session
12:30 Lunch & Departures

Breakout Tracks

The conference will feature 3 parallel breakout tracks including the following:

Discovery Research Track

Modern scientific product development is shifting to focus on harmonizing models, data, experiments, and people across an organization’s distributed research network. Adopting and accelerating agile discovery means developing a comprehensive understanding of a product from the molecule to manufacturing and in silico techniques can help support this understanding. Join industry leaders and experts from BIOVIA as they explore how atomistic modeling and simulation, advanced analytics and machine learning, and cloud-enabled collaborative workspaces support the next generation of R&D and innovation.

Products Featured in this track include: Pipeline Pilot, Discovery Studio, Materials Studio, ScienceCloud, QSAR Workbench, Assay, Insight, Registration & Insight

Laboratory and Process Optimization

Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA's Laboratory Informatics solutions are leveraged across science-based industries and used by almost 200,000 users worldwide. Learn about best practices from your peers, BIOVIA experts and partners, get an overview of upcoming releases , experience new capabilities for research, development and quality control labs and discuss new ideas with colleagues and thought leaders. Learn how to maximize your current investment and how BIOVIA's Laboratory Informatics capabilities can help to improve collaboration, innovation, efficiency and quality of your laboratory work.

Products Featured in this track include: BIOVIA Workbook, BIOVIA Notebook, BIOVIA LES, BIOVIA LIMS, BIOVIA CISPro, BIOVIA Compose, BIOVIA Capture, and BIOVIA Review

Data Science and IT

Led by BIOVIA technical experts, Tech sessions at this year’s event will cover a range of topics including IT best practices, security, deployments, integration, cloud and hybrid cloud environments, IT upgrades and roadmaps. Customers will be talking about why data are really an asset for their respective company. They will also explain how they can maximize value of their data by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques on it. Interactive sessions are designed to provide you with better insight into the technical aspects of BIOVIA solutions and gain critical knowledge about how to manage, support, integrate and deploy these solutions into your IT environments. This session is designed for customers who have IT responsibilities and titles of, but not limited to, Data Scientists, Software or Web Developers, Analysts, or Architects

Products covered in this track: Pipeline Pilot, ScienceCloud, Workbook, Notebook, Unified Lab Management