Science In The
Age of Experience
May 15-18, 2017 | Chicago, IL 3DEXPERIENCE®


Science in the Age of Experience will begin on Monday, May 15th at 8:30 am with optional training courses and will conclude on Thursday, May 18th mid afternoon. Register now and hear from over 100 expert user presentations from BIOVIA customers and staff.

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Final Agenda – available for download

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Monday – Optional Training Workshops
7:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Building Pipeline Pilot Protocols for New Users - Part 1 (Must also sign up for part 2)
Integrating BIOVIA Workbook with Pipeline Pilot - Part 1 (Must also sign up for part 2)
Advanced Pipeline Pilot for Software Developers - Part 1 (Must also sign up for part 2)
Essential Elements of a Quality Management System
BIOVIA Compose and BIOVIA Capture – Recipe and Method Authoring and Execution
Introduction to Method Automation
Analytics and Machine Learning in Pipeline Pilot - Part 1 (Must also register for part 2)
Exploring the BIOVIA Discoverant Environment
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Building Pipeline Pilot Protocols for New Users - Part 2 (Must also sign up for part 1)
Integrating BIOVIA Workbook with Pipeline Pilot - Part 2 (Must also sign up for part 1)
Advanced Pipeline Pilot for Software Developers - Part 2 (Must also sign up for part 1)
ScienceCloud for Developers
Manipulate and filter data with Pipeline Pilot PilotScript
Environmental Monitoring
Analytics and Machine Learning in Pipeline Pilot - Part 2 (Must also register for part 1)
5:30 PM Evening Open for Networking

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Science in the Age of Experience Plenary Session
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Science in the Age of Experience Plenary Session
12:00 PM Lunch
  Laboratory Informatics IT Tech Collaborative and Predictive Science Materials Modeling and Simulation Process Performance Improvement Quality Management
1:30 PM Labinformatics Overview
Gene Tetreault, BIOVIA
New Directions for Pipeline Pilot
Matt Hahn, BIOVIA
Insights Obtained Applying Molecular Modeling for Chemical Engineering
Joseph Golab, Environmental Standards, Inc.
Future Vision: Digital Continuity on the 3DExperience Platform
Larry Fiegland, BIOVIA
QUMAS Roadmap - Overview of Upcoming releases and product enhancements
Ken Hayward, ENOVIA
2:00 PM A Leading Biopharmaceutical Company Takes a Holistic Lab Approach ULM Installation and Configuration of Laboratory Equipment
Daniel DeAlmeida, BIOVIA
Lightning Round Application Updates - Insight, Biological Registration, Discovery Studio
Neil Eccles, Matt Sage, & Adrian Stevens, BIOVIA
Applications of ONETEP: In Situ Quantum Simulations of Nanomaterials
Peter Haynes, Imperial College London
Development of a Scientific Data Management Team Around Discoverant
Jean-Etienne Fortier, UCB Pharma
QUCOMM Steering Committee Update
Daryn Berger, Vertex
2:30 PM Scientific Decision Making in the Age of EXPERIENCE
Dennis Curran, BIOVIA
Hands-Free Administration In BIOVIA Foundation
Mike Wilson, BIOVIA
Using Bioreg 2017 to Track and Visualize Chemically Modified GalXC DsiRNA Conjugates
John Feinberg, Dicerna
Cultural Transformation: Promoting Use and Improving Adoption of New Solutions
Christopher Andrews, BIOVIA
Meeting Quality Management System Requirements in a Medical Device Organization
Dawn Porter, Hollister
3:00 PM Break
3:45 PM 2018 Sneak Peek - Laboratory Analysis
Mats Kihlen, BIOVIA
Pipeline Pilot Administrator Best Practices
Fred Coughlin, BIOVIA
Effective Machine Learning for Big When Automation Can't Keep Bad Data Out: Strategies for Identifying, Cleaning, and Living with Dirt
Jennifer Heymont, Eisai
Recent Developments in Materials Modeling
James Wescott, BIOVIA
Scalable Quality Data Best Practices in Medical Device Manufacturing
Kate Lusczakoski, BIOVIA
New features of BIOVIA QUMAS EQMS (formerly QUMAS ProcessCompliance 4.0)
Warren Perry, ENOVIA
4:15 PM Enhancements to BIOVIA Workbook Driven by Data Integrity
Marty Berliner, Pfizer
The Power of Unified Lab Management and Pipeline Pilot Combined
Fred Coughlin & Daniel DeAlmeida, BIOVIA
Effective Machine Learning for Big Data and Small Data
Dana Honeycutt, BIOVIA
Using Discoverant Web Services
Joe Ruth, BIOVIA
Update BIOVIA QUMAS EDMS (formerly MyQUMAS app )
Warren Perry, ENOVIA
4:45 PM Chemical Inventory in RD&E Corning Incorporated
Ellana Cook, Corning, Inc.
  A Rational Approach Towards Development of Amorphous Solid Dispersions: Experimental and Computational Techniques
Paroma Chakravarty PhD., Genentech, Inc.
Application and Use of Discoverant in Quality Control at Biogen - Trending and Reporting of Standards and Controls
Loyd Wilson, Biogen
DocMan: Leveraged, Compliant, and Cost Effective Enterprise EDMS
Kyriaki Papadaratsakis & Dick Peoples, Bristol-Myers Squibb
5:15 PM Welcome Reception

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Welcome and Direction
Glenn Wada SVP, Global Sales and Services, BIOVIA
8:35 AM Healthcare Innovation in a Connected World
Bill Murray, President & CEO, Medical Device Innovation Consortium
9:00 AM Digital Transformation in the Food and Beverage Industry through Data Science and Engineering
Eric Milgram, Owner, Food Safety Analytics
9:30 BIOVIA - What's Next
10:00 AM Break
10:45 AM The Case for Managed Service Providers in Your Cloud Strategy
Dale Curtis, President, Astrix
11:00 AM Accelerating Polyolefin Product Development Using Informatics and Modeling Tools
Jeff Brinen, Chief Engineer, Global Chemical Research, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
11:25 AM Building Quality and Technical Excellence to be a CDMO of the Future
Jim Fry, Sr. Director Gobal Quality Engineering, Patheon
12:15 PM Lunch
  Laboratory Informatics IT Tech Collaborative and Predictive Science Materials Modeling and Simulation Process Performance Improvement Quality Management
1:45 PM Data Standardization - Approaches by Allotrope, Pistoia Alliance and Customers
Carmen Nitsche, Pistoia Alliance
Dana Vanderwall, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Gene Tetreault, BIOVIA
Science in Additive Manufacturing
Jason DeJoannis, BIOVIA
Enterprise Analytics Initiatives
Tim Jeffers & Aaron Spence, BIOVIA
Status overview and ongoing strategy of the integration of BIOVIA QUMAS with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
Ken Hayward, ENOVIA
2:15 PM Multiscale Modeling of Skin
Michael Doyle, BIOVIA
Harmonizing Global Manufacturing Metrics
Neha Deshmukh, Shire Pharmaceuticals
EXALEAD for Business Analytics
Chris Frost, ENOVIA
2:45PM Get Ready for the Cloud! A Strategy for Increasing Agility and Lowering Cost in Research and Lab Informatics
Ton van Daelen, BIOVIA
Chemical Property Prediction for the Scientist
Nick Reynolds, BIOVIA
Enhancing Use and Adoption of Discoverant
Mallory Turner, BIOVIA
Is Compliance an Obstacle to Quality? Aligning Quality, Manufacturing and Compliance to drive a Culture of Quality
Dan Matlis, Axendia
3:15 PM Break
4:15 PM 2018 Sneak Peek - Laboratory Execution
Daniel DeAlmeida, BIOVIA
Hybrid-Cloud: Integrating Workflows Between On Prem and Cloud
Ton van Daelen & Fred Bost, BIOVIA
Pipeline Pilot: The Swiss Army Knife for Informaticians
Kenneth Magro, Allergan
BIOVIA Round Table Discussion Session
Moderated by Stephen Todd
Data Access Strategies for the Enterprize
Chris Barlow, BIOVIA
Implementation of a paperless eTMF solution leveraging DocCompliance functionality: Novavax’s Experience
Susan Hensley & Seryozha Kadel, Novavax
4:45 PM Teach Your Analyst to Fish Approach to Implementing SmartLab in Your Laboratory
Shawn Heneisen, AstraZeneca
Taxonomy and Ontology fundamentals for the Laboratory
Mike Wilson, BIOVIA
iSBDD: Integrated System for Structure-Based Drug Discovery
Gennady Poda, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Using Discoverant and Process Compliance to Trigger Deviations
Karri Unruh, BIOVIA
5:15 PM The Road to Gaining Business Process Insights from Biovia’s ELN
Holly Bridges & Erin Wright, Perrigo
Unified Laboratory Management Use Case
Gene Tetreault, BIOVIA
Peter Graham, GEOVIA Using Discoverant with Doc Compliance to Generate Templated Management/Monitoring Reports
Karri Unruh & Larry Fiegland, BIOVIA
5:45 PM  

8:00 AM Breakfast
  Laboratory Informatics IT Tech Collaborative and Predictive Science Materials Modeling and Simulation Process Performance Improvement Quality Management
8:30 AM 2018 Sneak Peek - Lab Management
Sharon Wiback, BIOVIA
Cloud Security
Fred Bost, BIOVIA
BIOVIA Insight - Big Data? No Problem. Faster and Scalable Visualization & Integrating Clinical, Investigational Drugs and target APIs
Matt Sage, BIOVIA & Albert Crescenzo, Clarivate Analytics
Working with the New Polymer and Metal Alloy Protocols in the Materials Studio Collection in Pipeline Pilot
Stephen Todd, BIOVIA
Discoverant Implementation Best Practices
Tim Jeffers, BIOVIA
Product Registration Management with GLR
Warren Perry, ENOVIA
9:00 AM eLN as Nexus for Laboratory Data Management
Marty Berliner, Pfizer
Pipeline Pilot Developer Tips and Tricks
Fred Coughlin, BIOVIA
AbbVie's Target Prediction Tool
Abhik Seal, AbbVie
Performing Stability Analysis in Discoverant
Larry Fiegland, BIOVIA
Leveraging Connected Data to Drive Quality and Impact Change
Jeremy Fowler, BIOVIA
9:30 AM The Internet of Laboratory Things – Exploring the Possibilities of Today and Tomorrow
Steve Hayward, BIOVIA
Designed to Cure in the Age of Experience
Nicolas Froloff & Mathias Ganz, BIOVIA
Application and Use of Discoverant in Quality Control at Biogen – Trending of Release and Stability data
Kayla Woodlief, Biogen
How to increase the return on investment of your BIOVIA QUMAS implementation by leveraging the Professional Services offering
Sean Winslow, BIOVIA
10:00 AM Break
10:45 AM Enhancing Use and Adoption of BIOVIA Unified Lab Management Solutions
Chris Van Dyke , BIOVIA
Pipeline Pilot and AbbVie's Quick Hits Solution Team
Jim Kofron, Abbvie
Working with the New Polymer and Metal Alloy Protocols in the Materials Studio Collection in Pipeline Pilot
Stephen Todd, BIOVIA
Efficient Hierarchy Deployments using Quick Assist
Aaron Spence & Chris Barlow, BIOVIA
Multi-System DMS and LMS Data Migration
Joe Lucadamo, Focused Consulting
11:15 AM R&D Data Driven Organizations: Stop Treating Your Data Like Trash!
John Conway, LabAnswer
Using Discoverant with Data Lakes, Big Data, Hadoop and
Casey Overman, Sequence
Ask the Experts - Panel of DASSAULT SYSTEMES Experts Discussing Hot Topics and Current Challenges
Murtuza Vasowalla, BIOVIA
11:45 AM Panel Discussion – Digital Transformation in the Lab a Reality Check
Daniela Jansen, BIOVIA
Awesome New Things You Can Do With Pipeline Pilot
Jannise Buckley, BIOVIA
Discoverant 2018 Sneak Peek and Roadmap
Karri Unruh, BIOVIA
Customer panel - What's hot - What's not: Panel Discussion Around Strategies, Technologies and Best Practices
Sean Winslow, BIOVIA
12:15 PM Lunch

Breakout Tracks

The conference will feature 6 parallel breakout tracks including the following:

Laboratory Informatics

Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA's Laboratory Informatics solutions are leveraged across science-based industries and used by almost 200,000 users worldwide. Learn about best practices from your peers, BIOVIA experts and partners, get an overview of upcoming releases , experience new capabilities for research, development and quality control labs and discuss new ideas with colleagues and thought leaders. Learn how to maximize your current investment and how BIOVIA's Laboratory Informatics capabilities can help to improve collaboration, innovation, efficiency and quality of your laboratory work.

Products Featured in this track include: BIOVIA Workbook, BIOVIA Notebook, BIOVIA LES, BIOVIA LIMS, BIOVIA CISPro, BIOVIA Compose, BIOVIA Capture, and BIOVIA Review

IT Tech Track

Led by BIOVIA technical experts, Tech sessions at this year’s event will cover a range of topics including IT best practices, security, deployments, integration, cloud and hybrid cloud environments, IT upgrades and roadmaps. Interactive sessions are designed to provide you with better insight into the technical aspects of BIOVIA solutions and gain critical knowledge about how to manage, support, integrate and deploy these solutions into your IT environments. This session is designed for customers who have IT responsibilities and titles of, but not limited to, System Administrators, Software or Web Developers, Analysts, or Architects.

Products Featured in this track include:Pipeline Pilot, ScienceCloud, Workbook, Notebook, Assay, Unified Lab Management

Collaborative and Predictive Science

BIOVIA Collaborative Science products bring industry leading scientific analysis tools to research industries driving better science through innovation and improving efficiency to shorten time to market. The BIOVIA Collaborative and Predictive Science Products support major areas that empower discovery research, shorten time to market and maximize profitability.

Products Featured in this track include: Pipeline Pilot and the Scientific Collections, Discovery Studio, Material Studio, Insight, Draw, Direct, Assay and Assay Sample, Registration, QSAR Workbench

Manufacturing Process Design, Performance, and Improvement

The process development, manufacturing, and quality functions in pharmaceutical and biotech companies generate an abundance of data that needs to be readily available in a user-friendly, properly organized (contextualized) form to provide process knowledge that supports operations. As organizations generate more data through implementation of QbD (Quality by Design), PAT (Process Analytical Technology), PR (Process Robustness), and CPV (Continued Process Verification) initiatives along with new manufacturing and measurement technologies, they need better ways to access and use their data since traditional manual methods are error-prone, waste valuable time, and can incur large opportunity costs. This track highlights presentations by BIOVIA Discoverant customers and technical experts covering solutions for designing and implementing robust processes, monitoring their performance, as well as process and troubleshooting and introducing improvements.

Products Featured in this track include: Discoverant

Materials Modeling and Simulation

BIOVIA Materials modeling and simulation software is successfully deployed across many diverse industry sectors and provides insights and property predictions for broad classes of materials. This can guide the prioritization of wet lab experiments and lead to more informed decisions about the future direction of research projects. Increasingly complex predictive models, including those covering multiple scales are now possible. This track is focused on providing recent examples from customers and technical experts from a variety of areas including optimization of chemical reactions, metal alloy property prediction and properties of polymers. We will discuss how automation is key to providing accurate, repeatable predictions and for enabling wider adoption of virtual materials models.

Products Featured in this track include: Materials Studio, Pipeline Pilot.

Quality Management

BIOVIA QUMAS provides a connected and comprehensive regulatory, quality and compliance solution to manage regulatory and quality requirements across the enterprise. Major topics discussed will include Electronic Document Management and Quality Management including CAPAs, Deviations, Change Control, Complaints and Audits as well as Regulatory Submission Management. A special focus will be the integration with other BIOVIA and third party solutions. The track will include product overview and update presentations, real life client case studies and sessions highlighting recommended best industry practices.

Products Featured in this track include: BIOVIA QUMAS EDMS (formerly QUMAS DocCompliance), BIOVIA QUMAS EQMS (formerly QUMAS ProcessCompliance), associated solutions and BIOVIA QUMAS Cloud

A Call For Papers

Are you willing to share your experiences with your colleagues? We invite you to submit a paper for consideration to the Science In the Age of Experience Program Committee. If accepted, your SAOE registration fee will be waived.

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