Science In The
Age of Experience
May 15-18, 2017 | Chicago, IL 3DEXPERIENCE®

A Call For Speakers

Are you willing to share your experiences with your colleagues? We invite you to submit a paper for consideration to the Science In the Age of Experience Program Committee. If accepted, your conference registration fee will be waived.

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The program committee is seeking presentations that address the topics listed below:

Predictive Sciences in Life Sciences

(Topics featuring the use of BIOVIA foundation, Pipeline Pilot, Insight, Insight for Excel, Discovery Studio, QSAR Workbench, Biotherapeutics Workbench, Workbench Framework)

Collaborative Science in Life Sciences Research

(Topics featuring the use of ScienceCloud BIOVIA Foundation, Pipeline Pilot, Insight, Insight for Excel, Assay, Sample, Biotherapeutics Workbench, Workbench Framework)

Unified Development Lab

(Topics featuring the use of BIOVIA LIMS, LES, EBR, Notebook, Workbook, Compose, Capture, CISPro)

Unified Quality Control Lab

(Topics featuring the use of BIOVIA LIMS, LES, EBR, Workbook, Compose, Capture, CISPro)

Predictive Modeling and Collaborative Science for Chemicals and Materials Science

(Topics featuring the use of Materials Studio, Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA Foundation)

Manufacturing Process Design, Performance and Improvement

(Topics featuring the use of BIOVIA Discoverant)

Quality and Compliance

(Topics featuring the use of Discoverant, DocCompliance, ProcessCompliance, MyQUMAS and QUMAS iX/CMO Exchange)

Submit Abstract

(This is an invitation to submit an abstract for consideration. Submission does not guarantee acceptance).