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You’re invited to join us at the BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Community Days — we’ve extended it to two days this year.
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Joe Bradley, Scitegrity
Talk Title: Automating the Identification of Chemical Substances and Using Pipeline Pilot: Controlled Substances as a Use Case
Biography: Joe is the co-founder of Scitegrity Limited, a company which provides chemo/screening informatics and controlled substance solutions to the pharma sector. Over the course of his career, Joe has worked with major Pharma companies to develop innovative solutions, including the Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) system. CS2 is able to determine whether compounds are controlled or not across many countries and is capable of rapidly scanning compound libraries running of millions of compounds at the structure level. Joe has also worked on drug abuse potential assessments utilising large data sets and algorithms that Scitegrity has developed.


Gerd Blanke, StructurePendium Technologies GmbH
Talk Title: Adapting RInChI Using New Information Layers
Biography: Over the course of his career, Gerd has held various positions in chemoinformatics and bioinformatics, including field application scientist, software engineer, software support, and consultant. Gerd joined MDL Information Systems (Basel) 1990. He was one of the two founder of MDL’s first German office in Cologne in 1991. Using his experience in the representation and storage of chemical compounds and reactions in electronic systems, Gerd founded StructurePendium Technologies GmbH at the end of 2010. Since then, he has worked in a number of projects in the scientific informatics space.


Christian Herhaus, Merck
Talk Title: OPS Components and Phenotypic Screening
Biography: With almost 20 years of experience in chemoinformatics, team leadership, computational analysis and development of screening collections in a pharmaceutical environment, Christian brings a wealth of knowledge in international discovery project team leadership, collaboration management and programming/technical expertise to drug research. He is particularly interested in exchanging information on strategies for data management & processing, application integration and programminging in Pipeline Pilot, Perl, Python and SQL. Christian is an expert in assessment of diversity and structural quality of large chemical datasets and in using PIpeline Pilot's powerful data workflow engine.


Jennifer Heymont, Eisai
Talk Title: Creating Spreadsheet Loader Turing Machine
Biography: Jennifer is an experienced professional with a strong history of providing reliable, complete systems engineering and informatics solutions. She is a critical thinker who communicates across disciplines and works effectively as a project leader, team member or individual contributor.


Julia Davies, UCSF
Talk Title:Quantification of Adduct-Formation in High-Throughput LC/MS Screening
Biography: After spending the last few years at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) developing informatics tools for the analysis of high throughput screens in the Chemical Screening Center,Julie joined the Small Molecule Discovery Center in 2010 as a conduit between the three QB3 universities: UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Berkeley. With her knowledge of the UCSC workflow and the essential technologies required, she is developing and integrating software promoting collaboration between the universities. Julie is a specialist in Java, Groovy (Grails), MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery), HTML/CSS, R, JFreeChart, D3.js, Spring, and Hibernate, and Chemistry Development Kit. She uses Pipeline Pilot, Mathematica, PyMOL, Vortex, and Cambridge Soft Desktop Software.


Peter Schmidtke, Discngine
Talk Title: Optimized Pipeline Pilot Toolbox for Storing, Querying and Updating Matched Molecular Pairs
Biography: With a very strong background in structural bioinformatics, structure based drug design and molecular dynamics, Peter is engaged in important development & research projects. Prior experience includes areas like structural biology, systems biology and chemoinformatics and, in general, associating research work to the development of novel software. His programming expertise encompasses numerous programming languages (especially Python, C & SVL + an ounce of JAVA, PHP, Javascript ...). He is also an advanced user & programmer of commonly used workflow software like Pipeline Pilot.


Raphael Berthier, Discngine
Talk Title: Optimized Pipeline Pilot Toolbox for Storing, Querying and Updating Matched Molecular Pairs
Biography: Raphael is an expert in chemo-informatics, Pipeline Pilot and Oracle Database. He attended Sup'Biotech, a biotechnology engineering school, were he specialized in bio/chemo informatics, data managment and storage. Since then, has been working at Discngine as a Scientific Software Engineer.


Steven Rieth, Pfizer
Talk Title: Update from the Trenches from a Pipeline Pilot Administrator


Luca Sartori, S-IN Soluzioni Informatiche
Talk Title:From Wet Biology to In Silico Experiments: A Comprehensive Data Capture
Biography: : Luca Sartori received his degree in Organic Chemistry from Milan University in 1986. After several years as a Medicinal Chemist, he moved into modeling and chemoinformatics. Initially, he worked Zambon before moving to MDL Information Systems AG consulting group.
In 2000, he joined Pharmacia & Upjohn as Head of Research Informatics Group for the Italian site. He served as a member of the Pharmacia & Upjohn (then Pharmacia) Global Discovery Database Steering Committee and also the Bioinformatic Steering Committee. Following his work in Genextra, IEO - European Institute of Oncology, and IFOM, he is now Managing Director at S-In, Soluzioni Informatiche.


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