Creating the Manufacturing Organization of Tomorrow—Today

Manufacturing in today's biopharmaceutical industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Competition is increasing, margins are shrinking and improvement initiatives together with tightening regulatory requirements and greater government scrutiny are seemingly adding greater burden to manufacturing organizations.

See how the capabilities built on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform can change the way pharma is delivering on the promise of providing highly effective medicines when and where needed. Select your role below:

  • Data-based decisions for effectively improving processes and products
  • Efficient collaboration for optimized operations throughout the enterprise
  • Virtualization and simulation for more predictive and agile operations
  • Real-time visibility and access to critical KPIs and CQAs
  • Select Your Role

    • Driving Business Value Through Data-based Decision Making Get visibility of data and critical KPIs across the extended global enterprise in order to make more informed business decisions faster to improve time to market and protect your brand.
    • QbD, Scale-Up and Tech Transfer Made Easy Achieve effective Tech Transfer and QbD goals through industry standards based exchange of information and support scale-up through better process understanding.
    • Optimizing Capacity and Simplifying Tasks with Transparent Data Flows Develop multi-discipline smart factories leveraging virtual models and seamless data flow across the organization to optimize production, increase flexibility and reduce costs.
    • Achieving Quality Excellence Through Integrated Total Quality See how to transform regulatory compliance from a constraint to an asset through a holistic approach to quality connecting quality processes and data.