Developing for Efficient Technology Transfer through Digital Continuity, Data Analytics & More

Manufacturing in today's biopharmaceutical industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Competition is increasing, margins are shrinking and improvement initiatives together with tightening regulatory requirements and greater government scrutiny are seemingly adding greater burden to manufacturing organizations.

Browse the resources below to learn how the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform is enabling pharmaceutical companies to deliver on the promise of providing highly effective medicines when and where needed.

  • Data-based decisions for effectively improving processes and products
  • Efficient collaboration for optimized operations throughout the enterprise
  • Virtualization and simulation for more predictive and agile operations
  • Real-time visibility and access to critical KPIs and CQAs

Manufacturing Operations

Preparing for the Growth of the Biopharma Market

The future looks bright for the biologic manufacturing market. But the challenge will be to ensure product quality and efficacy. Learn how leading companies are meeting these challenges by using a state-of-the-art manufacturing platform to improve quality, reduce cost and minimize patient risk.

Tackle Manufacturing Data Challenges

See how limited visibility of process and quality data are impacting pharmaceutical manufacturing performance and regulatory compliance and how the comprehensive manufacturing data analytics solution provided by Dassault Systèmes can help.

Frost & Sullivan/Dassault Systèmes Presentation: The Promise of Biologics Manufacturing

Biologics have enormous potential to drive further growth in the biopharmaceutical market. However to become successful, organizations must leverage new technology, and process, that streamlines upstream and downstream manufacturing technologies.  Watch this presentation to learn how your organization can develop the core competencies needed to bring breakthrough therapies to market faster.

Managing Collaboration Across the Organization

To be competitive in today’s challenging market life sciences organizations must find efficient solutions for third-party collaborations that enable them to adapt to changes in the collaborative ecosystem. Read how partnering with a technology vendor that understands the business needs and has a solution to meet today’s challenges can help.

Publication Report: Utilizing Run Rules for Effective Monitoring in Manufacturing

Read about the life-science manufacturing industry’s current use of monitoring techniques and leverage guidance on how to improve the value obtained from monitoring programs and run-rule signals.

Customer Story: Maximizing Product Throughput

Read how Pacira has been able to improve process understanding, optimize their manufacturing processes and realize significant savings in scrap avoidance by implementing BIOVIA Discoverant in Tech Transfer and early commercialization.