User Conference
June 4-6, 2019 | San Diego | CA Three days of proven best practices, hands-on workshops and previews of the latest BIOVIA products 3DEXPERIENCE®

BIOVIA AI Symposium and First Generative Therapeutics Design Consortium Meeting

BIOVIA is launching a Generative Therapeutics Design (GTD) Consortium starting in June 2019.
In conjunction with our BIOVIA User Conference we are organizing two events in San Diego supporting this effort.

The BIOVIA AI Symposium on June 5 is a one-day conference open to all where speakers from industry and academia
will lead scientific discussions on artificial intelligence and machine learning in drug discovery.

On June 6, the BIOVIA GTD Consortium Public Business Meeting will take place
where customers can learn more about the logistics and roadmap for the consortium.

June 5 AI Symposium Keynotes:

Retrosynthetic Analysis for Accelerating AI-Driven Molecular Discovery

Prof. Mark Waller, Pending AI Pty Ltd (Previously at Shanghai University)

Additional AI Presentations:
  • Virtual Experiments and Active Learning for Molecular Design – Leo Bleicher, BIOVIA
  • What Can Be Learned about Active Learning from Using In Silico "Assays"? – Dana Honeycutt, BIOVIA
  • Generation of Small Molecules to Sample Chemical Space in Optimization Cycles – Moises Hassan, BIOVIA
  • Machine Learning in Predictive ADMET - Steve Wilkens, BIOVIA
  • Computational Binding Affinity Calculations in Small Molecule Lead Optimization – Prabhu Raman, BIOVIA
  • Measuring the Coverage of Chemical Space – Moises Hassan, BIOVIA
  • Multi-Objective Optimization Strategies – Dana Honeycutt, BIOVIA
  • Automated Pharmacophore Matching for Relative Activity Prediction – Jurgen Koska, BIOVIA

Why Should You Attend the AI Symposium? (June 5)

Why Should You Attend the GTD Consortium Public Business Meeting? (June 6)

Learn more about Generative Therapeutics Design

The AI Symposium will take place on June 5th, 2019
during the BIOVIA User Conference at Paradise Point Spa & Resort in San Diego.

The GTD Consortium Business Meeting will take place on June 6th, 2019
at BIOVIA Corporate Headquarters, 5005 Wateridge Vista Dr., San Diego.

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Symposium and the rest of the conference sessions

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