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BIOVIA Discovery Studio

Discovery Studio is BIOVIA’s comprehensive predictive science application for the Life Sciences

Announcing BIOVIA Discovery Studio 2019

Built on BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot 2019, BIOVIA Discovery Studio 2019 stands as BIOVIA’s major release for predictive sciences and modeling and simulation in the life sciences

  • New CHARMm OpenMM GPU available to provide highly optimized performance and a cost effective solution for running molecular simulations.
  • Enhanced grid support for simulation protocols running through supported queuing systems.
  • Understand the interactions at the interfaces between macromolecules in their crystal environment with the new Analyze Crystal Contacts protocol.
  • Suggest humanizing mutations for both light and heavy chain variable antibody domains together and predict the combined effect of mutations from both chains on protein stability for humanizing mutations.
  • Enhanced antibody modeling cascade workflow with annotated alignment of sequences linked to modeled structures, and residues numbered with selected antibody annotation scheme.
  • Calculate the protein ionization and residue pK for multiple proteins in a single experiment.
  • Understand detailed individual feature contributions for mapped pharmacophores.

System Requirements for Discovery Studio

What's New in Discovery Studio 2019

With Discovery Studio you can:

  • Investigate and test hypotheses in silico prior to costly experimental implementation, thus reducing the time and expense involved in bringing products to market
  • Drive scientific exploration from target identification to lead optimization with a wealth of trusted life science modeling and simulation tools
  • Leverage an open and scalable platform to automate processes, create and deploy custom workflows, and integrate data types, databases, and third-party or in-house tools
  • Enhance personal productivity and boost team collaboration by enabling researchers to share data and make better informed decisions

Read the BIOVIA Discovery Studio Datasheet

Citations and Acknowledgements

We love to hear about Discovery Studio being used in new and interesting ways. If you want to cite the use of a BIOVIA Software product in a publication, we recommend the following format:

Ref. Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA, Discovery Studio Modeling Environment, Release 2017, San Diego: Dassault Systèmes, 2016.

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